Klironomy Journal
EU, Czech Republic, Ostrava-Hlučín
1. Write an article with unique content and title not copying last works.
2. Fill out Registration Form in your own or comfortable language version in the web site.
3. Get our answer with pre-catalogue article number.
4. Send your article to email - - for scientific review and anti-plagiarism.
5. Get approval and an invoice for the article.
6. Your article is sent to the Board of Reviews.
7. Then the article is sent to the Editorial Board.
Your article will be published after review and verification in 10 days.
DOI number is assigned and already included in the invoice.
The Administration of the Journal informs you about article's publication and sends the Certificate of Author.
It is advisable to design articles in the STANDARD ESEJ, especially if the article is a report on the results of research.
The article should contain the following sections: actuality, introduction, conclusion, and references. It is advisable to divide the main part of the article into 2-3 parts and headline them.
File format - Word.
Margins - 2 cm on all sides.
Page numbering - at the bottom right.
Font - New Roman Times.
Font size - 14.
Line interval - 1.5.
In the head of the article:
On the right, line by line - the author's full name, degree and academic title (if any), regalia (if any), position (if any), place of work (if any), personal and/or work email;
After the space line, the article title is capitalized in bold;
After the line space, the title "Abstract:" and the annotation text no more than 6 lines;
Below there is the title "Keywords:" and the keywords and phrases up to 12 words;
If the article is in the native language, then the personal data of the author (s), title, abstract, and keywords in English are shown below after the space line.
Below there is a space and the text of the article from 15 to 40 thousand characters, including spaces. The author's data, title, abstract, keywords, and list of information sources are not included in this volume.
After the article, a space line and the title "References".
The list of references is arranged in alphabetical order and numbered.
References to sources in the text should be placed in square brackets before a dot or comma. Multiple sources are separated by semicolons [3; 6], and information sources with pages are separated by commas [3, 25-26] or [3, p. 25-26].
Illustrations are placed in the format .jpeg or .jpg, no more than 10 pieces, each weighing no more than 150 Kb, size no more than 1/2 page, top-bottom wrapping. Captions of illustrations are at the bottom. The numbering of illustrations is continuous throughout the article (Fig. 1, Fig. 2...).
Illustrations can be placed in the the end after the references as the block of "Apendix". The formats, sizes and numbering should meet the requirements described in paragraph 14 (below).
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