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Vitruk, G.K., Buychik, A. (2021). Cultural and tourist cluster “EAEU&APEC Cooperation Park” as a model of harmonious development of Eurasia. Cultural Heritage in the Context of Social Development. Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference. Klironomy, 2 (2), 27-87. Hlučín-Bobrovníky: “Anisiia Tomanek” OSVČ.

DOI: 10.47451/cul2021-08-001 -------- EOI: 10.11249/cul2021-08-001 -------- Author's Certificate


The authors propose to discuss the image-idea of the concept of the International Cultural and Tourist Cluster “EAEU&APEC Co-operation Park” as a pilot minimally viable model of a new social and economic structure of international relations. The cultural and historical national model is proposed as an alternative one to the global and liberal non-national models of development. These models are the economic materialization of two opposite outlooks: spiritual and materialistic, respectively. The substantiation of the choice of the ‘sobornost’ category by the governing principle of modeling is given, its main spiritual and material effects are shown. Klironomy is accepted as the scientific basis of the model of spiritual outlook. The development of a practical model is carried out in the tradition of the conceptual theory of management. The results of the discussion will be used to promote the project and attract the scientific community to the design and study of cluster effects based on sobornost.


sobornost, soborny, love, social and economic model, tourist cluster, klironomy, materialism, idealism, conceptual theory of management.

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