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The first collection of the scientific articles is published.
The authors:
  • Zhang Biyun. Art on Chinese Xuan Paper
  • Lebedev, S.V. Opportunities for the development of Russian folk art in the 21st century
  • Luneva, I. Problems of style in modern fashion art on the example of Ianis Chamalidy’s creativity
  • Nachev, D.A. Multi-faceted creativity of artists of one city
  • Ukolova, Y.I. Quantitative and qualitative aspects of the formation of traditional applied art of Mstera in the epoch of mass digitalization
  • Erakina, E.A. Cluster approach in professional education in the field of traditional artistic crafts
  • Fomicheva, N.M. Conservation and restoration of the Agate Rooms of the Summer Park Pavilion “Cold Bath” in Tsarskoye Selo in 2009-2013 (in Russian)
  • Portugalsky, P.V. Conservation and restoration of frames with stucco mastic decor
  • Baibekova, L.S. Conservation and restoration of the memorial monument to A.A. Goryainov (1795-1813) in the Necropolis of the 18th century Alexander Nevsky Lavra (in Russian)
  • Snatkina, E.V. Conservation and restoration of a fragment of the Royal Gate’s sash with the icon of Omen (in Russian)
  • Zuenkova, O.V. Conservation and restoration of the frame to the icon of Descent from the Cross of the main iconostasis of the Upper Church of the Cathedral of the Vladimir icon of the Mother of God in St. Petersburg (in Russian)
  • Oksentyuk, O.V. Complex of conservation works to preserve the tombstone of the 18th century from the necropolis of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra in St. Petersburg (in Russian)
  • Velnikovskaya, Y.D. Restoration of the frames with mastic decor and gilding imitation of three types for the still-life of the late 19th and early 20th centuries (in Russian)
  • Vedrova, A.D. Conservation and restoration of still-life painting of the 20th century

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