Tuculart Scientific Holding
EU, Czech Republic, Ostrava
Consumer protection
Tuculart s.r.o. provides services in the field of publishing scientific literature, art galleries and educational services. The company does not produce or sell tangible goods.

The client of Tuculart s.r.o. pays for the provision of the following services:

  • publication of scientific articles;
  • publication of scientific monographs;
  • publishing art galleries;
  • publication of collections of art illustrations;
  • provision of educational materials for educational programs.

The client has the right:

  • demand gratuitous correction of inaccuracies in the provided materials, if this happened when editing the text;
  • demand gratuitous re-provision of services in case of non-fulfillment of organization's obligations;
  • claim compensation in the form of partial compensation for the cost of services if the organization failed to fulfill its obligations on time;
  • demand a full refund of the cost of the service if the organization failed to fulfill its obligations within the additionally period, which was agreed with the client.
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